January 26: Walking alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Day of Mourning, Survival Day, Invasion Day, Australia Day.

Reconciliation WA recognises that, as with any community, there is a diversity of views within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities surrounding January 26. Some view the day as an opportunity to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ survival as the longest continuing culture on earth within the story of the modern Australian nation. For many, January 26 is not a day for celebration, but instead the beginning of an unlawful invasion with devastating impacts still felt by Aboriginal communities.

Reconciliation WA supports #ChangeTheDate, so that the national day of celebration can include all Australians.

We have developed an introduction to the Day of Mourning for individuals, organisations and community members. The guide will help you develop your understanding of why “Australia Day” is difficult for many First Nations people, provide some guidance on spreading the message, and offer some actions we can all take to make our national day of celebration inclusive for all Australians.

Please share it widely. By starting conversations and sharing the message, you help encourage wider Australia to re-examine our true history and work together to create a future which acknowledges the rich Aboriginal culture and knowledge that contributes to this country.