NRW 2023 Merchandise launched!

We’re thrilled to launch our first Reconciliation Week Street Banner Program merchandise collection, featuring the breathtaking 2023 artwork of Beverley Roger’s – Jartuti.
This year, Reconciliation WA has taken on the stewardship of the Reconciliation Week Street Banner Program, and we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to own a unique piece of this artwork. Our collection includes an art print, an organic cotton tea towel, and a 6-pack of greeting cards, each with a portion of the proceeds going directly to support the artist.
By purchasing our exclusive merchandise, not only will you own a beautiful piece of Aboriginal art, but you’ll also be showing your support for the reconciliation movement. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a difference!
Jartuti © Beverley Rogers/Copyright Agency, 2023 – Martumili Artists.