15 Mar

09:00am - 02:30pm

Big Yarn

40 Havelock Street, West Perth

Respect Rising is a bold program that will shape and design Reconciliation WA’s (RWA) future strategic priorities and expand our regional engagement and impact.  We will consider the future vision of the reconciliation movement in a post-referendum landscape, underpinned that this must start from Respect.  It is time to listen, learn and lead, as we walk together.

Our Big Yarn is an in-person activation that will be delivered over a 5-hour session.  This larger format will bring together all stakeholders within the reconciliation community for a day that will commence with a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony, as we move into reflecting on the current landscape and considering the future vision of reconciliation within WA.  You will be guided through 4 key questions, and discuss these in breakout groups, before we circle back to listen and review.  Morning tea and lunch are provided, and we will have safe spaces should you need to disengage from the group at any time.

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