Supporters of Reconciliation WA


Partnerships with organisations in WA provide us with pro bono services and funding for our operations, new projects, goods and services.

Sponsorships of between $10,000 and $250,000 are available. Sponsorship benefits can be designed to suit organisations requirements.

If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact our CEO James Back via email

Reconciliation WA thanks the partners who have chosen to commit to effect Reconciliation outcomes across the State.

Funding Partners

For the 2017/18 and 2018/19 financial years, the Western Australian State Government made the difficult decision to deny ongoing operational funding to Reconciliation WA. This funding, typically enjoyed by all other State Reconciliation bodies across Australia, is utilised to cover the costs of operating the administrative element of RWA, including items such as staff salaries, office rent, mobile phone costs, motor vehicle costs and other minor expenses.

We have deeply appreciated the support of the Corporate Sector in aiding RWA to continue its operations across this difficult period, through the allocation of minimal funding to support these operating cost obligations. This funding comes in addition to the normal enthusiastic support that is normally contributed by these organisations, as they are sustained contributors to key Reconciliation events and projects.

Our sincere thanks go to the following organisations, who have collectively agreed to support the financial operating needs of RWA until 30 June 2019:

Rio TintoRio Tinto
St John of GodSt John of God
LandCorp WALandCorp WA


In addition to the unusual and time-based funding partner arrangement above, we acknowledge that the ability of RWA to implement significant societal impact through Reconciliation outcomes will require large-scale funding, time allocation and expertise.

Many individuals and organisations across Western Australia have already committed their time and effort and levels of funding to support Reconciliation through the development of accredited Reconciliation Action Plans.

These organisations will be the focus of RWA as we advocate for engagement of all Western Australian businesses and people in the achievement of Reconciliation outcomes. It is expected that our Strategic

Goals, linked to supporting projects, will form the basis of a “menu of choices” for organisations to consider for funding and resourcing support. In this way, Reconciliation WA hopes to be the catalyst and management hub of many member and partner-supported initiatives that all support the Reconciliation agenda.

The table on the following page indicates the intended relationship focus between RWA and its partners, where RWA will seek to act in either Endorse, Collaborate or Own modes for each initiative.

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