23 Jul

01:30pm - 04:00pm

Respect Rising Little Yarn Online; All Stakeholders


Respect Rising is Reconciliation WA’s program that will focus on engaging with Aboriginal Elders, people and local communities, stakeholders and allies to provide insights and sentiment that will help shape Western Australia’s reconciled future and the focus of Reconciliation WA, post the referendum.

As members of our reconciliation community we are pleased to deliver a workshop that will invite you to dig deeply and consider how you and your role can influence and enact change amongst your team and networks to continue to support and progress change in reconciliation. Reconciliation is everyone’s business.

The workshop will include a series of thought starters and prompting questions, for you to reflect upon and respond too.   We are motivated to hear your experience, perspectives, insights and sentiments, and your commitment to progressing reconciliation both now, and for our future generations.

The RWA team will deliver several engagements across the State, including Regional Yarns together with online yarns, and survey questionnaires to allow for all voices to be heard irrespective of your location or availability.

For any queries please contact Francine Bayet or call 0459 542 469

**Disclaimer – Reconciliation WA reserves the right to record and share our events. In turn, your photo/video may be taken and shared for informative/educational purposes only.