Journey to date

Reconciliation WA is a not-for-profit organisation providing leadership, advocacy and support to people and organisations driving the movement for reconciliation in Western Australia.


Reconciliation WA started its journey under the auspices of WA Council of Social Services in 2013. For the ensuing three years, RWA focused on a series of establishment activities and the early development of key annual services designed to bring major awareness of the opportunity for Reconciliation to all Western Australians.

This period was supported by the WA State Government with the application of funds from LotteryWest, who were engaged to provide a three-year allocation of operational, capacity-building and establishment funding for the organisation.

Across that period, RWA was able to demonstrate the achievement of a number of important Reconciliation outcomes, including:

  • Establishment of membership of the Australian Reconciliation Network, participating with the other State bodies in collaboration for Australia-wide Reconciliation outcomes;
  • Commencement of the Yokai Forum (still active today), focused on the discussion necessary to expand both procurement and employment opportunities for Indigenous People and Indigenous-owned businesses;
  • Creation of important events driving awareness of the opportunity for Reconciliation focus, including the Reconciliation Breakfast, the Reconciliation Walk and the commencement of ongoing forums for leadership discussion across multiple sectors and cultures regarding Leadership in Reconciliation;
  • Important operational achievements, such as the employment of key executive roles (our CEO), the development of our Brand and securing office premises.

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In July 2016, the organisation was registered as an Incorporated Association in its own right, and a major Board renewal program was commenced. From that time, RWA faced the need to develop a vision and plan for its own economic sustainability, in addition to continuing to develop greater momentum for Reconciliation across WA.

Generous support was achieved for an extension of funding from LotteryWest and a number of corporate organisations across WA have also been instrumental in assisting RWA to drive a joint commitment to the expansion of Reconciliation projects and outcomes.

As an Association, RWA has developed a Membership structure that enables a wider discussion with people and organisations across the State who are themselves committed to Reconciliation. Our new business plan clarifies further intent with regard to member focus and participation.

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