About Reconciliation WA

Reconciliation WA (RWA) is a not-for-profit Organisation providing leadership, advocacy and support to people and organisations driving the movement for Reconciliation in Western Australia (WA).

Reconciliation WA is a registered Incorporated Association. Our projects, programs and services have traditionally been funded from a variety of sources including government, association members, sponsors and philanthropic support from individuals and organisations. We rely heavily on the valuable and significant support of a wide volunteer base and the contribution of many individuals who are committed to the growth and development of Reconciliation momentum across WA.

At our core, Reconciliation WA is focused on the creation of societal and economic outcomes that help create a State where the special place, culture, rights and contribution of First Peoples are valued and respected. As an organisation, we aspire to be part of a State that celebrates strong and positive relationships between our First Peoples and the wider WA community, as critical building block of practical social and economic outcomes and community wellbeing.

Reconciliation WA has been on a journey to develop effective services and outcomes since its inception under the auspices of WA Council of Social Services in 2013. It took a major step forward in July 2016, when the organisation was registered as an Incorporated Association in its own right, and a major Board renewal program was commenced. The Board maintains an important and required balance of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Western Australians, and meets regularly to progress the organisation’s focus on Reconciliation with both the RWA executive and our members.

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