A Brand Refresh

Reconciliation is a contemporary and substantive material issue for our State and nation. It is not black and white – it is all of us; moving forwards together for social, cultural and economic gain. For our collective well being. RWA has recently undertaken a brand refresh to articulate this. The core of the brand is the logo below, designed by Noongar leader, artist, businessman and RWA board member ‐  Barry McGuire. The new brand will be utilised on all stationery, website, business card, promotional and business reporting material.


The circular formation represents the endlessness of our human existence.

The blue image around the edges represents us all as human and from the same origin – that our blood all bleeds the same colour no matter what nation we once called home – we are all the same. Reconciliation is about bringing a balance to life.

The sun represents that we all live here under the sun together and it draws a link to Reconciliation Australia.

The blue represents the fact that water is 85 – 90% of our human form and that water is a part of everything within the environment we call home.

Barry McGuire

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